European Dredging Association

About EuDA

The European Dredging Association (EuDA) is the industry organisation representing the European dredging companies and related organisations at the various European Union’s Institutions and also at some International Organizations (such as IMO, HELCOM or ILO). All EuDA member companies are Europe-based but operate internationally. EuDA is registered as an Interest Representative under the EU transparency register.


EuDA’s objectives

EuDA has a strong emphasis on environmental, trade and social affairs and promotes investment in marine/maritime research and innovation.
In representing the interests of the European dredging industry, EuDA pursues the following main objectives:

  • to promote policies aiming to achieve sustainability, fair competition and global level playing field;
  • to promote policies aiming to achieve unhindered access to markets worldwide;
  • to identify any other issues of interest to the dredging industry, analyse them, build knowledge, develop capacity to find adequate solutions and promote them.

EuDA’s aspirations for Navigating a Changing Climate

EuDA’s membership has a high awareness of climate change issues, as all its member companies have a level 3 or higher on the CO2 performance scale (the Netherlands). Since 2009, EuDA gathers the emissions data of the European dredging fleet. EuDA promotes blue carbon strategies for waterborne infrastructures as well as approaches such as Building with Nature. EuDA has built an understanding of dredging vessels’ emissions during operations and published policy papers promoting industry-backed methodologies to estimate CO2 emissions from dredging projects. By partnering in the Navigating a Changing Climate Partnership, EuDA aims to raise awareness of the challenges of climate change and share the knowledge and experience of the European Dredging companies that will help find innovative, sustainable and effective solutions.

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