International Association of Ports and Harbours

About IAPH

IAPH is the International Association of Ports and Harbors, they have members in 90 countries around the world. IAPH members are primarily port authorities or port-related businesses.


IAPH’s objectives

IAPH aims to:

  • Strengthen relationships among the member ports by facilitating interaction, dialogue, problem-solving and formulation of best practices
  • Leverage member expertise through strong technical committees and programs that create platforms focused on resolving complex port and maritime industry concerns and building greater efficiency and sustainability for ports worldwide
  • Promote and demonstrate IAPH members’ leadership and commitment to a cleaner, safer and more environmentally sustainable industry for the benefit of the global community
  • Proactively coordinate with other international maritime and related organisations (such as IMO, UNCTAD, WCO, PIANC, etc.) and advocate for global solutions to issues that impact IAPH members


IAPH’s aspirations for Navigating a Changing Climate

IAPH has joined the PIANC-led environment initiative Navigating a Changing Climate as a partner to raise awareness about the challenges posed by climate change at a global level. IAPH’s commitment to combating climate change is never new, as demonstrated by its environmental initiative “World Ports Climate Initiative” launched in 2008. Its major pillars are Environmental Ship Index (ESI), Onshore Power Supply and Carbon Footprinting.

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