World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure


PIANC is the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure. PIANC members include Governments, corporate members, public and private sector organisations and, individuals from 65 countries around the world.


PIANC’s objectives

Amongst PIANC’s main objectives, the following are of particular relevance to the Navigating a Changing Climate initiative:

  • Keep the international waterborne transport community connected
  • Bring together the best international experts on technical, economic and environmental issues pertaining to waterborne transport infrastructure to prepare high-quality technical reports
  • Provide expert guidance, recommendations and technical advice.


PIANC’s aspirations for Navigating a Changing Climate

Existing levels of knowledge about climate change amongst PIANC’s membership vary significantly. Some members are well informed and some of the larger ports or waterways operators may feel that they are well prepared, but there are low levels of awareness elsewhere in the sector. By leading the Navigating a Changing Climate Partnership PIANC aims to raise awareness of the challenges that climate change will undoubtedly bring whilst also contributing to the development and dissemination of relevant information and technical guidance that draws on wider sectoral knowledge and experience through collaboration with the Navigating a Changing Climate partner organisations.

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