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Tuesday, 15 June 2021 09:02

Climate change: A growing threat to sustainable trade and development

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Climate change impacts on seaports: A growing threat

Seaports are critical for global trade and sustainable development. They provide access to global markets and supply-chains for all countries, and are integral to maritime transport, as well as fisheries, offshore energy development, and many economic activities in coastal zones. At the same time, ports are particularly exposed to various natural hazards, due to their locations along open coasts or in low-lying estuaries and deltas. Although many climatic hazards can affect seaports (e.g. heat waves, extreme winds and precipitation), mean sea-level rise (SLR) and associated extreme sea-levels (ESLs) pose a particularly important threat, which is growing. A new article by UNCTAD provides an overview of the increasing hazards and impacts of sea level rise on ports under climate change and illustrates the urgent case for action.



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