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Thursday, 18 November 2021 17:10

UNCTAD 2021 Maritime Transport Review published

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UNCTAD's 2021 review of maritime transport has been launched.


This publication, prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat, aims to foster the transparency of maritime markets and to analyse relevant developments. While there were far-reaching implications for seafarers during the period covered by the report, the publication concludes that maritime transport on the whole defied the COVID-19 disruption. In 2020, volumes fell less dramatically than expected and by the end of the year had rebounded, laying the foundations for a transformation in global supply chains and new maritime trade patterns. The required response to the climate change challenge is also covered in the following 'priorities for action' identified:

1. Vaccinate the world

2. Revitalize the multilateral trade system

3. End the crew-change crisis

4. Vaccinate seafarers

5. Facilitate crew changes

6. Ensure reliable and efficient maritime transport

7. Mainstream supply chain resilience, risk assessment and preparedness

8. Control (freight) costs

9. Decarbonise

10. Climate-proof maritime transport



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